Weekly Safety Meetings and Tool Box Talks

Safety Documents

We have been providing Weekly Safety Meetings/Tool Box Talks for more than two decades.   We take pride in the fact that our meetings can make our tradesmen's lives safer on the job.  After all, the two strongest tools in our world today is knowledge and awareness.

Weekly Safety Meetings

If used correctly, can constantly update and provide the knowledge and awareness to build a safety culture in your workplace.  They have been proven to cut-down on injuries, claims and even fatalities.  There are more than 176 OSHA Standards that require training.  In addition to the 52 topics you receive in the mail you can now download 52 topics from the website and have access to a large library of topics to customize your meetings to any job site or project.  We also maintain records of meetings you have received in the past and can log into the website and view those.

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