Supervisor Training

Supervisors must complete:

  • Drug Free Employee Education
  • Drug Free Supervisor Skill-Building Training
  • Accident Analysis Training for Supervisors (a one-time, on-line training course)

The skill-building training session includes the following content:

  • Behavioral Observation
  • Documentation of Behavior
  • Appropriate and Professional Behavior Confrontation
  • Initiating Reasonable Suspicion Testing
  • Making Referrals for Assistance/Substance Assessment
  • How to Follow Up with Employees Returning to Work

Advanced & Basic Levels:

  • The 2-hour training must be provided within four months of the initial program year or within 8 weeks of becoming a Supervisor.
  • 2 hours of Supervisor Skill-Building Training in 1st year; 1 hour annually in subsequent years

Comparable Program:

  • This training must be completed before beginning work on a state construction site.
  • A one-time, 1 hour Drug Free Supervisor Skill-Building Training class must be provided

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