Drug and Alcohol Testing

Employers must conduct the following tests:

Pre-employment or new-hire drug testing

(or a combination of the two) - 100%

Reasonable suspicion

Alcohol and/or other drug testing, as appropriate


Alcohol and/or other drug testing of anyone who may have caused or contributed to an accident


Alcohol and/or other drug testing for employees who are given a second chance after a positive test


Alcohol and/or other drug testing for employees who are allowed to retain employment following a positive test and who return to duty


  • Advanced Level participants - 15% of the total average annual work force
  • CDL drivers - 50% random testing
  • PHMSA gas-certified plumbers - 25% random testing
  • All employees working on a State-funded jobsite are subject to random testing

Other Notes

Although RANDOM testing is not a requirement of the BASIC Level or the COMPARABLE Program, the company has the right to implement random testing for the entire workforce. Use of a certified laboratory, collection site and a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) are required.

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